Nuno Espírito Santo already has a right to bust in Wolverhampton

The sculpture was presented at the Tettenhall Transport Heritage Center earlier this week.

[dropcap type=”default”]A[/dropcap]fter Cristiano Ronaldo, Nuno Espírito Santo is the latest figure in Portuguese football to merit a cross-border bust. More specifically, at the Tettenhall Transport Heritage Center, located in Wolverhampton.

The piece was carved by Sandra Squires, an adept of Wolves ‘expert’ in these wanderings, who confided in the statements to the British newspaper Express & Star that the idea came from a request of the 13-year-old son.

“I did one of Nelson Mandela before, as well as other random faces, and then I asked Lewis who I should do next. He suggested a football player, “Sandra explained.

“As a great supporter of Wolves, he said to do Reuben Neves or Nuno [Holy Spirit]. It’s easier to sculpt an older face, so I chose Nuno. And what a lovely nose he has, “he added.

Alec Brew, the curator of Sandra Squires, was delighted with the addition to the show: “We already have a small Wolves show, related to local coaching firm Don Everall, who used to arrange the team bus.”

“Here we are, for the most part, adepts, and we are proud to have this brilliant tribute to Nuno. It was very well. We wanted to have it on display in our center, and it’s great. Nuno is the best coach since Stan Cullis, and this is certainly the best football we’ve ever played, “he said.

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