Nuno Figueiredo receives Poetry Prize in ceremony for Mário Viegas

On Saturday afternoon, the Regional Cultural Center of Santarém will pay tribute to the actor from Mário Viegas, who would make the 70th anniversary of this event in a session where the National Poetry Prize will be presented to the poet and fiction writer Nuno Figueiredo.

The homage, taking place at the Forum Mário Viegas (CCRS), in the historic center of Santarém, begins with the inauguration of the itinerant exhibition ‘Dream to Power’, of the LPV Association, at 16:00, followed by a moment of poetry in honor of Mário Viegas, and music (piano and flute) by the Conservatory of Music of Santarém.

Following is the presentation of the winner of the fourth edition of the National Prize of Poetry Actor Mario Viegas, Nuno Figueiredo, and the reading of four poems of the work that deserved the preference of the jury, ‘Epifanias’, says a note of the CCRS.

This edition had 243 works competing, with the jury, presided by Tiago Torres da Silva, of the Portuguese Society of Authors, highlighting the “innovative writing style” of Nuno Figueiredo.

The prize, established in 2003, with the aim of “eternalizing” the “illustrious Escalabitano” Mário Viegas, should be biennial, but only had three editions (2003/2004, 2007/2008 and 2012/2013).

Elias Rodrigues, president of CCRS’s management, told Lusa that it was possible to resume the competition thanks to the sponsorship of a bank and the support of the Cultural Development Fund of the Ministry of Culture.

Established for works unpublished in the field of poetry, the prize has a monetary value of 1,000 euros and publication of the first edition (300 copies, 50 of which for the author).

In addition to Tiago Torres da Silva and Vicente Batalha, the jury also included Manuel Freire, Domingos Lobo and Maria da Purificação.

Born on November 10, 1948 in Santarém, a city where he spent his childhood, Mário Viegas was an actor, director, “reciter and lover of poetry”, such as the television programs ‘Palabras Ditas’ and ‘Palabras Vivas’ recordings, having also founded three theater companies and participated in more than 15 films.

Throughout the month of November, the Forum Actor Mário Viegas will show the exhibition ‘Dream to Power’ and will host the exhibition of three films, “to show the great interpreter that was Mario Viegas in the fields of poetry, theatre and cinema “, in an initiative carried out in collaboration with the Cineclube de Santarém.

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