Nuno Gama presented collection as works of art in the Museum of Ancient Art

The pieces of the collection of Nuno Gama for the next spring were shown today in the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, as works of art, with the mannequins scattered throughout the floor dedicated to Portuguese painting and sculpture.

The panels of São Vicente de Fora, which are on the third floor of the National Museum of Ancient Art (MNAA), were the main reason for Nuno Gama to choose the place to present a collection there.

“I do not know how to explain it very well, but there is a great energetic discharge when I come here. I’ve seen them so many times, I’ve dated them so many times,” he shared with the journalists as dozens of people walked through the museum rooms dedicated to painting and sculpture, where the mannequins were as if they were statues.

In addition to the panels, Nuno Gama also wanted to bring the press and the guests “to the best cultural register in Portugal”. “Our, our culture, I think that this was also important, draw attention to the museum and the works, in some way,” he said.

The challenge to the MNAA to host the presentation of the collection was considered “very well” by the director, António Filipe Pimentel.

To the journalists, the director recalled that fashion “is nowadays a very special area of ​​creation, it is a junction of design, light, performance, a series of strands that have to do with contemporary creation and that today concentrate on fashion shows. ”

Over time, several museums have hosted fashion shows, including the MNAA, but António Filipe Pimentel was interested “that there was a logic in the use of space, and Nuno Gama brought just that.”

“His collection is strongly identitary, has a lot of this plastic and aesthetic connection to the Portuguese identity and it made sense that here on the third floor of the MNAA, the treasures of Portuguese painting and sculpture, the plasticity of the models was present and we made this way to contact several audiences, “he said.

For Nuno Gama, this presentation of the collection, instead of the traditional parade, also allows “more attention to the pieces”.

“I did something that I always wanted to do: you can see things 360 degrees, you can open the piece and find a beautiful and wonderful peacock inside, or see that the back has a detail, that sometimes during the parade there is no time , because so much information is happening that sometimes I get the feeling that people do not see half of what we do, “he said.

To see the pieces better, people could approach the mannequins, standing next to pictures and statues.

To guard against any eventuality, the MNAA concentrated vigilance on the third floor while the parade unfolded.

“I myself have been watching,” said the director of the museum, stressing that “the risk of a work can happen to one person, but the fact that people are in circulation is important.”

The watchmen were “alert to anyone approaching too closely” of the paintings and sculptures, “but that is every day.”

António Filipe Pimentel stressed that “it is fundamental to use the heritage”, although “with all prudence and caution”.

“Heritage serves us, to be passed on to future generations and loved and only loves those who know,” he defended.

In next spring’s collection, “Grail Harbor”, Nuno Gama shared that he “somehow” managed to detach himself from the “normal collection structure”. “I’ve been a lot for the customer, I’m more and more focused on my clients, and trying to respond to what I’m looking for, and that’s what I’ve come up with for the style, the contents, the formulas. , I’m going to die for sure, “he said.

The fashion designer pointed out that there are many things that are sometimes not perceived externally but that the construction level is extremely complicated, it is easy to make a hard shell with lots of things inside, it is difficult to destroy all this and keep the beauty of the piece in some way, “he said.

The 51st edition of ModaLisboa continues until Sunday, with parades in the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, in the Eduardo VII Park.

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