Nuno Guerreiro at the Coliseum with Joana Amendoeira and Marcos Sacramento

Coliseu dos Recreios

Nuno Guerreiro returns to solo albums with “Na hora certa” – an album that is a dive into himself and which he will reveal live for the first time at Coliseu dos Recreios on March 23 alongside Joana Amendoeira and Marcos Sacramento.

Widely known for being the lead singer of Ala dos Namorados for over 25 years, Nuno invited Pedro Joia and Tiago Torres da Silva to compose an unprecedented repertoire that would reveal him. And it is through these songs that the singer undresses, exposes himself, reveals himself as never before; songs that speak of bright and dark loves, that speak of the joy of passion and the fear of sleeping with the enemy; songs about love for two and casual encounters; songs that are not ashamed of mistakes and successes.

Deep songs like “Ser que sou” or “Do lado errado” or ironic and rhythmic songs like “Duplo sentido”, “Ladrão” or “Ir em cantigas”.

He will be joined on stage at the Coliseu by André Santos on guitar, Dinis Oliveira on accordion, Norton Daiello on electric bass and Ruca Rebordão on percussion.

Nuno Guerreiro has an unusual voice. By appropriating these melodies and lyrics, the singer’s voice is no longer an instrument. Now his voice is a Soul.

Nuno Guerreiro invites
A unique and unrepeatable show where 30 years of songs by Tiago Torres da Silva and the love of all those involved in the Portuguese language are also celebrated!

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