Nuno Lanhoso reveals today his second single “Caso Apareças Por Aqui”

Singer, composer, lyricist and instrumentalist, Nuno Lanhoso soon discovered his fascination with music and writing on an old piano. He later turned his attention to the guitar and has never stopped since.

Passionate about both instruments, he seeks to see beauty and poetry in the simplicity of everyday life and transcribe them into songs.

If you show up here‘, her second single lives on the fine line that divides love from unlove and trust from insecurity. In the words of Nuno Lanhoso, the song represents one of the raw sides of relationships: the fear of change. From leaving the house “as she left it” if she still returns, crossing the border of obsession, to swearing eternal love with a constant fear of lack of reciprocity.

Nuno Lanhoso enters 2022 on the right foot, debuting live on January 27 at Casa da Música, one of the most emblematic venues in his hometown of Porto. An artist who has known how to walk his path, in an organic and unhurried way. This is Nuno Lanhoso’s time. Tickets are already on sale at Casa da Música and Ticketline, unmarked seats costing €10 (€8 for students).

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