Nuno Markl with a humorous “lecture” at Casino Estoril

Nuno Markl was invited to participate in the last Livestream of the Casino Estoril’s concert and performance cycle “Serões no Casino Estoril

Last Monday, 31st of August, was the last day that Casino Estoril reopened the Auditorium and the panoramic Foyer of the Salão Preto e Prata to welcome, exclusively in live stream, an original cycle of concerts and stand-up comedy shows with Artfeist Produções Artísticas called Serões no Casino Estoril, which took place between the 9th and 31st of August. This was a timely initiative that aimed to boost national culture, taking into account the complex current situation, originated by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

This humorous “lecture” is entitled “How to be a depressing punching bag and win in life … or I’m not sure how it all happened, but I will try to give a masterclass about it” and it is a personal parody carried out by the humorist. In this live presentation, Nuno Markl tells some autobiographical episodes that marked his journey lived both in childhood and adolescence as well as in adult life, and his observations about them over the years.

Nuno Markl is a humorist, writer, broadcaster, television presenter, cartoonist, voice actor, and screenwriter from Lisbon.

Nuno Markl, Casino Estoril © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews

On the radio, he began to be known in 1993 for the humorous radio telenovela “A Saga de Abílio que caiu da cerejeira”, having achieved great success a few years later with the bizarre news articles “O Homem que Mordeu o Cão” on Rádio Comercial, which gave origin of three books, a television program and a live show with a national tour.

Among his works for the radio, he also highlights a section based on his daily experiences, “Há Vida em Markl“, complemented by a blog and a weekly cartoon published by the satirical supplement “Inimigo Público” of the newspaper Público, and for a rubric on events and bizarre objects from the 1980s “Caderneta de Cromos“, which gave rise to two books and a theatrical adaptation.

On television, he has worked as an author at the creative agency Produções Fictícias since 1995, having also participated as an actor in the comic series “Os Contemporâneos“. As an author and television presenter, he participated in several programs on RTP, SIC Radical, and on Canal Q, being one of the presenters of the famous talk show “5 para a Meia-Noite” on RTP. In cinema, he is known mainly for his participation in the dubbing of animated films, having made his debut as an actor in the film “A Bela e o Paparazzo” in 2010, by António-Pedro Vasconcelos.

The Livestream concerts “Serões no Casino Estoril” ended on Monday and on the stage of Casino Estoril passed great names from the national music and artistic industry such as Simone de Oliveira and Nuno Feist; Paulo de Carvalho; António Zambujo; Wanda Stuart; Soraia Tavares, Sissi Martins, and Ruben Madureira; Vanessa Silva and Miguel Amorim; Filipa Cardoso, Yola Dinis and Sónia Santos, among others.

Nuno Markl, Casino © Margarida Rodrigues - Portugalinews (1)
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