Nuno Portas honored at the Brazilian Architecture Film Show

This is the third edition of this festival, of a competitive nature, which approaches architecture from the point of view of cinematographic art and which, in addition to the tribute paid through a film, will also dedicate a debate panel to Nuno Portas.

The film “A Cidade de Portas”, directed by architect Humberto Kzure and filmmaker Teresa Prata, portrays, through different voices, the multifaceted path of the architect, whose legacy contributes to the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge in Architecture and Urbanism for the future generations.

The documentary about the Portuguese architect, which opens the outdoor exhibitions, on August 20, approaches the city as the frontier of the thought of Nuno Portas, architect, urban planner and professor emeritus at the University of Porto.

The festival includes three screenings – short and feature-length competitive, out of competition (in which the film about Nuno Portas is shown) and RIFCA (with films nominated by partner festivals of the Inter-American Network of Film, Cities and Festivals Architecture).

The competitive feature film exhibition includes a Portuguese film, “Brisa Solar”, by Ana Pissarra, with José Nascimento, about the city of Maputo, capital of Mozambique, which will be screened on the 26th.

Another Portuguese production to be shown in the same context is “What will happen here?”, by Left Hand Rotation Collective, will be shown on the 24th.

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