Soraia Tavares’ debut album is now available

‘A Culpa é da Lua’, Soraia Tavares’ first album, can now be heard on all platforms. There is also a new single with the same name, with a video clip already available on Youtube.

Soraia Tavares comes from musical theater and has an extensive curriculum as an actress on stage, in front of cameras, and giving voice to animated films. This original album marks her official debut as a singer and songwriter, in a release that was a “great challenge” for the artist. “I want to share all my phases with him, hence the name A Culpa é da Lua”, she says.

After editing ‘A Beleza Vai Mudar o Mundo’, ‘As 5 Coisas que Nunca te Disse’ and ‘Dona Joana’, Soraia Tavares edits today the album and the single ‘A Culpa da Lua’, now available on digital platforms.

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