Baixo Alentejo in the Heart of Lisbon

in June

On the 4th of June, CIMBAL (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Baixo Alentejo) and Sons em Trânsito come together to present “The Baixo Alentejo in the Heart of Lisbon“, an event that promotes the best that Baixo Alentejo has to offer.

The event, with free admission, takes place on the 4th of June, the day on which the doors of the Capitólio – an iconic location in the heart of Lisbon – open to receive all the essence of Baixo Alentejo. In a unique cultural journey that aims to combine intangible cultural heritage with high-quality local and endogenous products, such as Talha Wine.

This special event has the main objective of promoting the rich cultural and gastronomic heritage of Baixo Alentejo and is part of the candidacy “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Baixo Alentejo – Protection, Enhancement, Promotion, and Dissemination”.

Throughout the afternoon, performances by artists are planned: António Zambujo with the Rancho de Cantadores da Aldeia Nova, Cantadores do Alentejo, Luís Trigacheiro, and Oh Laurinda. There will also be tasting actions for regional products, wine tasting, and handicraft shows, among other activities.

The event is an integral part of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Baixo Alentejo – Protection, Enhancement, Promotion and Dissemination” application, which aims to promote the region’s intangible cultural heritage. CIMBAL is pleased to receive financial support from Alentejo2020 and the European Regional Development Fund for this unique event.

CIMBAL (Base Alentejo Intermunicipal Community) is an entity that brings together the municipalities of Aljustrel, Almodôvar, Alvito, Barrancos, Beja, Castro Verde, Cuba, Ferreira do Alentejo, Mértola, Moura, Ourique, Serpa and Vidigueira. CIMBAL corresponds to the Level III Statistical Territorial Unit (NUT III) of Baixo Alentejo and has its headquarters in Beja.

Free tickets will soon be available at or on the Blueticket digital platform.

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