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Kiev Ballet dazzles Lisbon

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

Swan Lake by the Kyiv Ballet was at Tivoli, with the artistic direction of Ana Sophia Scheller, presenting an incredible version of the ballet to the Portuguese public, with music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, commissioned by the Bolshoi Theatre.

In a year marked by tragedy, especially for the artists who were preparing to take the stage of a theater, now destroyed by the war, this tour shows where it has been, the beauty, the values that represent them, and the mastery of this ballet company, thus continue to transmit emotions through their movements.

Ballet de Kiev -Lago dos Cisnes > Teatro Tivoli ©Luís M. Serrao – ineews < 2023.01.14

Swan Lake is one of the most famous and seen ballets ever, it was commissioned by the Bolshoi Theater to Tchaikovsky and premiered in March 1877, with a libretto by Vladimir Begitchev and Vasily Geltzer.

An icon of romantic ballet, Lake of the Swans tells the story of an impossible love between a prince and a swan girl, highlighting the beloved theme of this period, the duality between good and evil, represented by the purity of the white swan and by duplicity. of the black swan.

Ballet de Kiev -Lago dos Cisnes > Teatro Tivoli ©Luís M. Serrao – ineews < 2023.01.14

The choreography, signed by Marius Petipa, is a constant challenge for the dancers, requiring great technique in interpreting the movements of the swans.

The Kyiv Ballet was born in 2017, from a dream of the famous soloist dancer of the Kyiv Opera House, Viktor Ishchuk: the creation of a young company that would bring together the most prominent stars from all over Ukraine and present to the world talent, the mastery and the professionalism of his country’s artists.

Their first performances conquered the most important theaters in the world and, since then, they have given more than 500 performances in different countries.


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