Buon San Valentino has an Italian aroma and flavor and the soul of Sergio Crivelli

Ristorante de Matosinhos evokes Valentine’s Day at dinner with live music, special delicacies, and a few surprises…

In everyday life, it is feelings, gestures, and words that nourish love. But, on the day that the calendar dedicates to it, the most attentive – and attentive – boyfriends always try to add extra ingredients to them, often in the form of colors, aromas, and striking flavors. Of those who, at the table, spice up the specialty of each moment.

At Sergio Crivelli – Ristorante Italiano, a Buon San Valentino has, moreover, the art and soul of someone who grew up with a grandmother who was passionate about cooking idealized for refined palates and who has mastered the kitchens of the best hotels in major European cities.

For chef Sergio Crivelli, Valentine’s Day could be just another February 14th. And it’s not because, each year, the menu is designed to specifically match the occasion. Which, on Valentine’s Day 2023, will bring new and exclusive combinations to the dining room of the renowned restaurant in Matosinhos, which also include gluten-free options (for those suffering from celiac disease) – one of the specialties of the unit’s kitchen.

At Sergio Crivelli – Ristorante Italiano, the most passionate dinner of the day will begin with an olfactory stimulus, as couples will be received with a small surprise, in an opportunity complemented by the power of auditory suggestion, thanks to the melodies of soprano Nádia Fidalgo, live.

The aromas and flavors will arrive at the table later on. And chef Sergio Crivelli’s proposals are explained by three alternatives for each of the moments of the meal. With the guarantee that the surprise will extend to dessert.

To make bookings easier for Valentine’s Day, the ristorante has created two opening hours (from 7 pm to 9 pm and from 9 pm to 11 pm). “In previous years, we were unable to accommodate all of our customer’s requests, to our great regret, so this year we are creating this solution”, explains chef Sergio Crivelli.

About Chef Sergio Crivelli:

Born in Spoleto, recognized worldwide as an important gastronomic center, he lived in Assisi, passing through several Italian cities, such as Terni, Milan, and Rome. The international route in Lausanne (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), London (England), Brussels (Belgium), and Lisbon, among other short stays throughout Europe. Tradition and ambition for entrepreneurship have always known how to lead him to great challenges, such as being trained in the world of cuisine, in the best hotels in major European cities and, thus, having learned and developed his art with the best chefs in the area. , mainly Italian cuisine. Chef Sergio Crivelli is passionate about mushrooms and is one of the greatest specialists in the country.

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