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Centro Cultural de Belém with 100% capacity for the new 2021-2022 Season

We were living through a very complicated time of balance in cancellations and postponements, always trying to honor commitments” recalled the president of the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), Elísio Summavielle, last Tuesday, September 21, at the press conference for the presentation of the new season of the cultural center.

In an intimate atmosphere and in a breakfast format, the CCB organized, in Jardim das Oliveiras, the presentation of the New Cultural Season with the presence of Elísio Summavielle, President of the Belém Cultural Center, Delfim Sardo, Administrator, and other employees of the new program.

Now that there finally seems to be a current of air that airs the days and we can get together again, the Centro Cultural de Belém has built a program that crosses different worlds and ways of looking at and understanding them. If diversity and crossover have come to constitute the center of our programming, it is now a matter of making coexist various ways of generating cultural, personal worlds, mobilizing great collectives or, on the contrary, intimate expressions of almost secreted relationships, diving into the great historical traditions or leaps in the unknown. This ambivalence between history and prospection and between different cultural worlds translates into an intense program in the most experimental spaces, in the use of the stage of the Great Auditorium, as well as in the beginning of a program that contaminates other spaces of the Centro Cultural de Belém“, Delfim Sardo.

The verb “Mudar” is then created, to open ourselves to different ways of understanding the world and its change and see it in artistic expressions that are themselves the result of the most diverse worldviews.

The program is diversified and includes exhibitions, cinema, dance performances, plays and concerts, among others. The highlights begin with the exhibition At Play: Architecture & Game, curated by David Malaud, which will open next week, on September 28th. Next year, the Rádio Antecâmara architecture exhibition is also scheduled, curated by Alessia Allegri and Pedro Campos Costa.

La Scortecata © Festival di Spoleto

In the field of music, the highlights are the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa with the show “Pulcinella”, at the beginning of October, the Festival Big Bang Lx21, on 22 and 23 October, which integrates early music, contemporary music, fado, tap dancing, installations surprises and adventures for all ages, Philip Glass with “Orphée” in January.

Delfim Sardo confirmed that the CCB will continue its partnerships with Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa and Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa, with several concerts and shows.

In the theater we have the play “La Scortecata” by Emma Dante, “O Duel” by Carlos Pimenta, both in November. Still at the theater, the play “Kind” by Peeping Tom, “Info Maniaco” by André e. Teodosius, “inFausto” by mala voadora, “Ensaio de Orquestra” by Tónan Quito, “Boom!” by Miguel Loureiro, and the show by Teatro Praga with Metropolitana de Lisboa, with Maestro Pedro Neves, which fuse theater and music.

In dance, the highlights go to Companhia Paulo Ribeiro with “Segunda 2”, Dimitris Papaioannou with “Transverse Orientation”, Olga Roriz with “Insónia”, La Veronal with “Pasionaria”, Calara Andermatt with “Pantera”, and Crystal Pite and Jonathan Young / Kidd Pivot with “Revisor”.

Dimitris Papaioannou – Transverse Orientation 2021 ©Julian Mommert
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