Fashion Designer and Illustrator Paulo Azenha exhibits in Estremoz

The Estremoz Tourism Office will stage, on September 23, at 6:00 pm, the inauguration of the exhibition “Estremoz: Fashion stories told by Paulo Azenha“.

There are moments in life when words are golden, I speak to you about popular wisdom and through the expression “The good son returns to the house”. This could be the perfect slogan for the current exhibition developed in the different cultural poles in the beautiful city ​​of Estremoz and that revisits my 20 years of creation at the service of female beauty. And when I speak back, I want to refer to the year 1984, where I had the honor and privilege of making my first exhibition at the Estremoz Library about the magic baton of teacher Joaquim Vermelho, with the Visual Education teacher Isabel Taborda as a link. I was 13 years old and just arrived at Escola Rainha Santa Isabel. I still project these moments in my heart and even with my passages because Portugal are short-lived, I always have time to revisit this city that saw me grow, as well as the friends I keep today. I feel a blessed man to have built a career, but nifesting the love and admiration I have for the female universe This career, in this retrospective exhibition – which I see as a beautiful bunch of roses – is due to the entire devotion dedicated to female beauty, which makes me a complete being, looking for the balance, perfection and harmony.” Paulo Azenha

The artist has already been responsible for the image of several public figures: Júlia Pinheiro, Serenela Andrade and Cristina Ferreira and has settled in Paris, since 2009, doing justice to a childhood passion.

The exhibition will take place in four different spaces, at the Estremoz Tourism Office, in the cloister of the City Council, at the Bernardim Ribeiro Theater and at the Rainha Santa Isabel Secondary School Library, until 7 November 2021.


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