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The day Rock in Rio was saved by a tribute band

Tagus Park, Lisbon

Announced by the organization as a great success and financially it was, as it was sold out, in many aspects it left a lot to be desired, security and public flow, choice of space and its organization, in addition to the overlapping of sound between stages and between stages and stands that played music.

For an organization with Rock in Rio experience on both sides of the Atlantic, some flaws can no longer be admitted. According to the organization and I quote “Up until midnight there had been 247 incidents, the majority of which were minor, non-serious injuries, 2 evacuations, one due to a fall and the other due to decompensation due to chronic illness”, but it was fortunate that there were no more, the fact that the concerts starting at the same time as the previous one ended, led to huge flows of audience from one stage to another where it was enough for someone to lose their balance to be stepped on, they didn’t help narrow corridors between several stands or stands that were made to cut off the sound between stages (unsuccessfully) midway.

rockinrio 20240613 parquetejo©luismserrao ineews b 5081
Rock in Rio < 2024.06.13 < Parque Tejo ©Luís M. Serrão

This leads us to talk about the space, Parque Tejo, unsuitable for a festival with several stages. Compared to Bela Vista, it has an almost flat terrain, which meant that several thousand people just listened to the concert, as there were places where it wasn’t even possible to see it through the screens. We’ll have to wait for the new edition to see if Rock in Rio’s experienced technicians can solve this problem, especially on Palco Mundo.

And finally, something that sometimes also happened in Bela Vista, is the overlapping of sound between stages, in which we are listening to all the concerts and music from stans at the same time, a sound schizophrenia, or the weak sound on several stages or even the lack of sound, damaging, for example, the performance of Rivals Sons on the Tejo stage, where we were listening to the concert through the speakers of the artists on stage.

rockinrio 20240613 parquetejo©luismserrao ineews b 5008
Rock in Rio < 2024.06.13 < Parque Tejo ©Luís M. Serrão

The public who already pay well for a ticket, if they want to eat and drink in the venue, should come prepared with plenty of euros, as they risk becoming “plucked” or “hungry”, so they took the opportunity to “have fun” in long queues to compete for gifts, some paid, which is a national pastime while listening to the artists who passed through the different stages.

And the best of all only came at the end, Hybrid Theory, saved the first day of the festival, the energy and talent of this band that pays tribute to Linkin Park is enormous, with an audience of young and old alike “embracing” this band’s music. mythical band, singing and dancing to each song, was vibrant.

rockinrio 20240613 parquetejo©luismserrao ineews b 5111
Rock in Rio < 2024.06.13 < Parque Tejo ©Luís M. Serrão

Are we going to say that the remaining bands at the 10th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa were failures? Of course not, the iconic Xutos & Pontapés with the Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra are always a spectacle, Extreme, Evanescence and Scorpions who were also on Palco Mundo, were moments for a generation that saw them grow up, remember some successes, with some good moments, others average, others to fill, because there is no breath left for more. Europe on Palco Galp did the job well, and Blind Zero, Peste & Sida and The Legendary Tigerman who were on Palco Tejo gave the public a beautiful concert, on the Super Bock Digital Stage there were Soraia Tavares, Dário Guerreiro and Cebola Mol among many others, concerts that were supposed to entertain the public, but that didn’t have many spectators, as everyone was more concerned with finding a place where, in addition to listening, they could see the main artists.

rockinrio 20240613 parquetejo©luismserrao ineews b 6002
Rock in Rio < 2024.06.13 < Parque Tejo ©Luís M. Serrão

But today the success of the festival continues, another day sold out, where you can see, among others, ED SHEERAN, CALUM SCOTT, JÃO, FERNANDO DANIEL, LUKAS GRAHAM, JAKE BUGG, DIEGO MIRANDA, CAROLINA DE DEUS, LAUREN SPENCER SMITH, IÑIGO QUINTERO, CAPTAIN FAUSTO and NEYNA.

If you have a ticket, bring warm clothes for the night, as it will be cold, cards or MBway to be able to pay for food and drinks in the various restaurants spread across Parque Tejo, we remind you that you should hydrate during the day and the Festival offers 100 drinking fountains spread around the room, so drink plenty.

rockinrio 20240613 parquetejo©luismserrao ineews b 5095
Rock in Rio < 2024.06.13 < Parque Tejo ©Luís M. Serrão

You should also leave your car at home or at least away from the Festival and use the various means of public transport available to take you to the venue, or you risk spending hours in queues looking for parking, as several streets are closed to traffic.

Editor’s note:

We apologize, but we do not have photos from the first day, despite having been given accreditation for photography, we were faced with lists of access to the technical area of ​​the stages that we were not part of, in an unprecedented decision the organization decided to exclude access to the main stages most of the media, who had to ask stage by stage, artist by artist, for access, something we chose not to do, access must be transparent and not subject to smiles and friendships. That’s why we chose to illustrate the article with photos from the test event that took place on the 13th.

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