Anne Frank’s diary

Teatro Maria Matos

Imagine yourself hiding in an attic. Properties. Silent. For two years. Deprived of your freedom, because death reigns outside.

Anne Frank was just 13 years old when she was thrown into this cruel challenge, along with her parents,
sister, a friendly couple with a son, and a man. Of these eight people, only one survived, Otto Frank,
Anne Frank’s father, who later decided to make his daughter’s diary known to the world,
dies in a concentration camp at the age of 15.

In this diary, young Anne describes the period in which she survived the Nazi persecution, which, between 1941
and 1945, killed more than 6 million Jews and leaves us with a testimony full of resilience and hope
that continues to inspire generations to this day.

Version Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett Translation Ana Sampaio Staging Marco Medeiros
Scenography F. Ribeiro Costume Design Maria Gonzaga Music and Light Design Marco Medeiros
Director of photography João Gomes Production Teatro da Trindade INATEL.

Anabela Moreira, Beatriz Frazão, Carla Chambel, Catarina Couto Sousa,
Diogo Mesquita, João Bettencourt, João Reis, Paulo Pinto,
Rita Tristao da Silva and Romeu Vala

Wednesday to Saturday at 21h | Sunday at 5pm
Tickets: Audience 20€ | counter 18€

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