The Festival Santa Casa Portugal Ao Vivo, in Campo Pequeno, ended in the best possible way with Carlão and guests

Carlão debuted on the Campo Pequeno stage to celebrate his artistic career of the last decade, in a show included in the second edition of the Festival Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo.

Carlão gave his first concert on one of the biggest stages in Lisbon, at Campo Pequeno, last Sunday, June 20, 2021, celebrating his musical career of the last decade. Accompanied on stage were, as usual, Paulo Borges on keys, Rui Berton on drums, Nuno Espírito Santo on bass, DJ Glue and the nightingale Bruno Ribeiro.

The energetic concert, for all ages, began with “Entre A Terra E O Céu” followed by “Entretenimento”,Na Batalha” and “Con”. Carlão then called his ‘man crush’ Manel Cruz to sing “Cerejas, Só Isso“. We also heard “Uma Vez É Demais“, “Os Tais“, “Bebe Um Copo” and “Na Margem” on stage with Marina Maranhão, Mia Benita and Nuno Siqueira, young people who participated in the television contest The Voice Kids.

Carlão then invites violinist Malú Garcia to perform “Diz-me que eu não sou assim“, a song he wrote for his eldest daughter, followed by a break with DJ Glue. We also heard “No topo do mundo“, “A Minha Cena”, “Hardcore”,À Noite” on stage with Marisa Liz and DJ Stereossauro, “Colarinho Branco”, “Bandida” and the hit “Assobia para o lado“, that made the public go wild.

After a loud applause from a crowded arena, Carlão went on stage for the encore with the new song “1986” “and “Viver para Sempre”, thus reaching the end of the concert and the Festival Santa Casa Portugal Ao Vivo in Campo Pequeno.

The 2nd edition of the Festival Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo, at Campo Pequeno and at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota, continues the partnership between Everything is New and PEV Entertainment and, similarly to the 1st edition, are being produced in simultaneously, 10 shows in Lisbon, at Campo Pequeno, and 10 shows in Porto, at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in a total of 20 shows, which close on June 26th. This concert by Carlão was the last at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, but you can still watch Santamaria and Casal da Treta at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in Porto.

Still on the premise of “Culture for All” and with the objective of resuming and encouraging Culture in Portugal, in this second edition, Santa Casa is once again associated with the initiative as a naming sponsor, reinforcing the appeal to the urgency of bringing it back. the everyday culture of all Portuguese people. A need that wants to promote the meeting between the public and artists, promising to bring the best of national music and comedy to the stage.



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