O GAJO and the Papoilas do Enxoé

June 15 - 7:30 pm - Vale de Vargo, Serpa

The collaboration between João Morais (O Gajo), his Viola Campaniça and the Rancho Coral Alentejano Feminino “As Papilas do Enxoé” from Vale de Vargo, Serpa was a challenge that began during the pandemic.

When all the ranches stopped and demobilized, it was important not to give up and create ways to maintain activity and creativity. So, when the challenge to participate with this Rancho Coral Feminino was made to João Morais, not moving forward was not an option.

As Papilas do Enxoé” has been in existence for 17 years in the collection and preservation of Cante Alentejano. Currently with 18 elements, they are dedicated to tradition, taking their voices, sympathy and good mood to various parts of the country and some television appearances.

The GAJO was born by the hand of João Morais, in 2016. With Viola Campaniça as the protagonist, his musical approach to the instrument and its respective potential is essentially contemporary and urban.

The two universes came together in Serpa, creating a unique result of sounds between popular and modern.

In this challenge, O GAJO had two great guest musicians, the experienced Carlos Barretto on double bass and José Salgueiro on percussion. Together they worked in the studio sessions at Musiberia for the recording of an album and will take the stage on June 15th in Vale de Vargo.

Regarding this work, O GAJO says: “Creating music to serve as the basis for these songs from Alentejo was a great challenge, as I never wanted to compromise the format of an ancestral song or in any way distort its essence, I wanted to feel the presence of my most up-to-date approach and that this could enhance the voices. It is a work done with tweezers and above all with great respect for our intangible heritage that is Cante Alentejano.”

On June 15th, at 7 pm, Vale de Vargo will be surprised by the meeting of tradition and modernity on a stage dedicated to the Alentejo cultural heritage.

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