The beginning is made with “engana-me hoje, eu deixo”

Mariana Reis

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Mariana Reis makes her debut in the editions with the single “engana-me hoje, eu deixo” already available on digital platforms. A theme that is part of an EP to be edited in early 2022.

25-year-old pianist and composer, born in Almada, Mariana Reis has been studying music since she was 8. She explains that “I started taking piano lessons at that age. At 14, I learned to play the guitar on my own, by myself, no lessons. The composition of themes on piano and guitar came naturally“. This is because, in addition to composing your own themes, you also do it for other people.

engana-me hoje, eu deixo” is the introductory single. A theme that, in the words of Mariana Reis, speaks to us “…about relapses, tells a story of a little consistent love, where you already know that everything has to go wrong but you close your eyes to a lot of It still talks about two people who like each other a lot, who had very happy times but who knew from the start that there would be no great future.” Mariana Reis is, in addition to being a pianist and composer, a piano teacher and a graduate in Business Management.

fool me today, I let” is now available on digital platforms!

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