Jazz came to Barreiro in the voice of Salvador Sobral


With the sponsorship of the City Council of Barreiro, Salvador Sobral performed yesterday, Saturday, for the first time, at the Municipal Auditorium Augusto Cabrita, to promote his latest album, “Paris, Lisbon“.

Themes like “Cerca del Mar”, “Benjamim”. With an introduction to André Rosinha’s double bass, were heard “Ela disse-me assim” and “Playing With the Wind“.

Never quiet, Salvador enjoys his music, lives his songs, doesn’t just sing them, making the most of his band. He jumps, moves and fumbles and encourages the musicians, who answer him in a fast or slow beat.

In this concert, the artist was accompanied by the musician’s Abe Rábade on the piano, André Santos on the guitar, André Rosinha on the double bass and Bruno Pedroso on the drums, all of whom are well known in the national music scene.

The audience surrendered to the sounds of jazz and soul. The song “Isso e Aquilo” is sung only to the sound of the piano.

He played mostly songs from the last album but, says the artist, “it will be the last time we do it, because the next album will arrive on May 28th“.

From the new album “BPM” he presents the songs “Fui ver Meu Amor” and “Sem Voz“, a song in which Salvador takes the opportunity to play with his own voice.

From the album “Excuse Me” the bolero “Ay Amor“.

Salvador confesses that if there are things he likes in this life, they are singers who are not singers, for example, his guitarist André Santos, he is not a singer, but he sings and well, in a duet they sing a beautiful balladSó um Beijo“.

Alone at the piano he plays and sings “Sangue do meu Sangue” from his new album “BPM“.

It was to the sound of “Anda Estragar-me os Planos” that Salvador said goodbye to an audience that sang and applauded standing, in this that was a great concert.

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