Místico Orfeão Sónico de Um Corpo Estranho e Saturnia edit their debut album and reveal the single “Sete de Bastões”

Projects Saturnia and A Foreign Body have joined forces and jointly launch The Mystic Sonic Orpheon of A Foreign Body and Saturnia. This joint work arrives this Friday, October 29th, in physical and digital stores and is according to them an album where the guitars of Um Corpo Estranho allowed themselves to be contaminated by the psychedelic universe of Saturnia!

After the first single “A Velha Carruagem”, they reveal to us a little more of what we can expect with the new single “Sete de Bastões” which features the participation of Samuel Palitos (Censurados, A Naifa, GNR).

The video made by Mário Guilherme e, produced by GARAGEM and Tom and Jelly, takes on the most energetic aspect of the trio, leaving no room for doubt that we can expect a rock record.

The conjunction between the project by Luis Simões and the duo composed by Pedro Franco and João Mota could be, per se, something that alludes to a cosmic conspiracy and the drama associated with the name of this record is not by chance. Setúbal being the residence of both projects, they decided that the album would have the mystique of Rio Sado, the lyrical spirit of Luísa Todi and the tragic singing of the Sadinas that inspired Bocage.

The triple has the participation of drummers Samuel Palitos (Censored, A Naifa, Thieves of Time, GNR) and Filipe Caeiro (Awaiting the Vultures, Daniel Catarino) and Viola Campaniça by Tozé Bexiga (RAIA Project: Planeta Campaniça).

Produced by Sérgio Mendes and edited by Malafamado Records, the graphic part of the disc was in charge of the illustrator Paulo Buchinho.

The video clip “A Velha Carriagem” directed by João Bordeira is based on the idea of ​​continuity and perseverance. The continuous movement of the carriage in an inhospitable and hard world is basically a metaphor for moving forward, believing and overcoming obstacles along the way.

As for the presentation concerts, take place in Lisbon on November 20th at Titanic Sur Mer and in Setúbal on January 14th at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum.

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