“O Momento” is the new single from NOIATT

Hip-Hop MC and Producer from Lisbon

“O Momento” is the new single from MC and Hip-Hop Producer NOIATT. It talks about enjoying every moment with the ones we love as if it were our last. But he also talks about maintaining a firm position as a human being subject to eventualities, relapses, and changes in perspective.

Hence the reinforcement of enjoying each moment as if it were the last. Despite the loving character of “O Momento”, this new single by NOIATT is not exclusively dedicated to that theme. It is also dedicated, for example, to loved ones who support us and want to see us succeed.

I invited Débora Rocha, who is a friend of mine, to sing. She hasn’t edited anything and doesn’t want to pursue a musical career, but she comes from a family where music runs in her blood. That’s probably where her vocal gift comes from. The lyrics and the instrumental are authored by the producer.

For the filming of the video, NOIATT again invited Sara Cunha, with whom he had worked on the video for the previous single, “Presença Inócua”. In the video for “O Momento”, a couple can be seen having their moments and enjoying them, walking in the park, on the beach, and at the popular fair… The couple is played by Débora Rocha herself and her boyfriend, Andre Paiva.

With more than 10 years of assiduous presence in the punk/hardcore universe in Portugal, as a vocalist and guitarist, NOIATT (Nuno Cruz) has followed hip-hop closely since he was a child. Its lyrics constitute authentic stories, roaming between dynamic blocks and filled with events narrated in the first person. One of NOIATT’s existential pillars is the pure and hard description of what he sees and feels, in himself and in the social system that surrounds him. In parallel, his passion for beat-making reinforces the importance of expressing emotions in a genuine and unfiltered way.

Unafraid to bridge musical genres, bold productions are another factor that sets NOIATT apart within the hip-hop spectrum. A fusion sound, mature and with a lyric attached to the new reality we live in.

As of 2020, he has been a constant presence in Sons da Lusofonia projects, more precisely at Oficina Portátil de Artes and at JAZZOPA, which aims to mix Jazz and hip-hop, with the possibility of playing in venues such as the CCB, Teatro Municipal de Bragança, Titanic Sur Mer, Casa Capitão, and Palácio Pimenta (Lisbon Museum), for example.

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