The wonderful world of trees arrives at CCVF through the hands of Joana Gama and her toy piano

Show has two sessions on Sunday, October 10th, aimed at families

On Sunday, October 10th, at 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, Joana Gama will introduce the wonderful world of trees to children aged 3 and up and their families. From the moment they are sown, the trees always remain in the same place, from which they feed, defend and reproduce. They are not like people, who are born in a country and can travel or even go to live on the other side of the planet. And just as music differs from continent to continent, we can find very different trees around the world: trees that are authentic houses, others that move crowds to be admired, others that produce material that reaches to the moon. In this concert, with the help of a precious instrument, her toy piano, Joana Gama makes known these and other stories about the wonderful world of trees.

With original music by João Godinho and illustration by Francisco Eduardo, this is a co-production by A Oficina, Lapa do Lobo Foundation (commissioned by Alcateia Project), São Luiz Municipal Theater, Porto Municipal Theater – Rivoli / Campo Alegre and CAE Sever do Vouga.

Joana Gama (Braga, 1983) is a Portuguese pianist who has developed multiple projects both solo and in collaborations in the fields of cinema, dance, theater, photography and music. With a PhD from the University of Évora, she continues her research as a member of the CESEM / NOVA FCSH. Although she initially decided to dedicate herself to music in order to continue the heritage associated with an idea of ​​classical music – piano recitals with a canonical repertoire – a series of chain events led her to deviate from a path she believed to be hers. . Hence, the last few years – in addition to recitals – have included collaborations with multiple artists related to various artistic strands such as Luís Fernandes, João Godinho, Rafael Toral, Drumming GP, Eduardo Brito, Tânia Carvalho, Victor Hugo Pontes, João Fiadeiro, João Botelho, Manuel Mozos and Sopa de Pedra.

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