O Musical “Panda e os Caricas, no Mar” está em #1 do top de vendas da Ticketline

The new musical will tour the country from north to south in December and will not miss the recent success “O Mar Enrola Na Areia”, which premiered on Panda+, Canal Panda, and YouTube, with more than 100 thousand views on YouTube.

The new Panda and the Caricas Musical leads the Ticketline sales chart, being at #1 since tickets went on sale a week ago, which is further proof of the enormous success of Panda and the Caricas.

In this year’s edition, entitled “Panda and the Caricas at Sea”, the little ones will watch an adventure in the seas in which Panda and the Caricas meet a little blue boy who opens up a new horizon for them around water and the seas, while also encountering sea stars, urchins, squid, and even crabs.

Find out the dates here:

  • Viseu: December 8, 2023. Multipurpose Pavilion.
  • Loulé: December 10, 2023. Multipurpose Pavilion.
  • Lisbon: December 16th and 17th 2023. Campo Pequeno.
  • Porto: December 23, 2023. Rosa Mota Pavilion.
  • Guimarães: December 30, 2023. Multipurpose Pavilion.
Opening times: 11 am and 3 pm for all cities and dates.

This show will certainly not miss the most recent hit by Panda and the Caricas, the song “O Mar Enrola Na Areia”, whose video in less than a week surpassed 109 thousand views on YouTube.

Children will also be able to enjoy songs by Panda and Caricas, which are already huge successes, such as “Congela”, “Barco da Fruta?”, “Acima e Below”, as well as classic and unmissable themes such as “Sou Uma Taça ”, “Segue o Panda” or “Panda Style”, which already have millions of views on YouTube.

Panda e os Caricas, the popular children’s project that results from a partnership between Universal Music Portugal and Canal Panda, continues to be the biggest phenomenon in music for children and its videos are always a success on Canal Panda, bringing together thousands of children across the country. This success is also visible on YouTube, where they have gained more than 3 million subscribers on their official channel, in addition to receiving more than 3.3 billion views of their always entertaining videos.

The Musical “Panda and the Caricas” is also a joint project between Canal Panda and Universal Music Portugal, which features the presence of Panda and the Caricas, and a cast of young actors, dancers, and singers, including multicolored sets, costumes strictly speaking, light, sound and video effects.


Canal Panda, produced by Dreamia and distributed by AMC Networks International Southern Europe, is an educational-themed channel in the children’s television segment, with programming exclusively dedicated to Portuguese children.

Thanks to its investment in a series of recognized quality and success, in the area of children’s entertainment, and, above all, in the development of its own production projects, designed specifically for the little ones, it has been winning over more and more admirers.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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