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The first microcinema in Portugal, nahmetiq, opens this Saturday

in the studio of artist Fernando Gaspar

On June 1st, in the central region, Nahmetiq is born, a microcinema that promises to bring in its programming a place for experimental and independent cinema, which is on the margins of the circuits and logic of commercial cinema distribution in Portugal.

Nahmetiq, founded by Adélia Vasques, Fernando Gaspar (visual artist) and Henrique Vilão (multidisciplinary artist), will operate in Fernando Gaspar’s studio, has a capacity for 25 people and the program is curated by Henrique Vilão. It is the first to open in Portugal and follows the tradition that was born in the 1990s of going against the grain of large-scale cinema distribution, some of the best-known and most renowned microcinemas worldwide are, for example, Spectacle, in New York (USA), La Lumiére Collective, in Montreal (CAN), among others.

The microcinema movement flourished in North America as a result of the closure of multimedia art galleries and also cuts in public support for experimental filmmakers by museums and other art institutions. According to the organizers, “From the first moment we came into contact with the microcinema movement, we felt a strong desire to bring this form of alternative exhibition to Portugal, as it relates in a very deep way to our artistic practices and interests.”

That said, exactly what is a microcinema? From the perspective of the founding team of artists, it is essential to highlight some factors: the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, a small exhibition space (usually with many adaptations), a non-existent or small budget, dedicated programmers/organizers and passion for the cause, a sense of mission focused on the local community, shared cinephilia and the exhibition of rare works and with alternative language proposals to what we can call representative narrative and industrial cinema.

It is also relevant to mention another dimension of the practice of microcinema – the creation of a platform for ideas and other arts. This is because it is a practice that ends up stimulating an active viewer to create thought and discourse about films. There is a kind of connection here between the spirit and legacy of spaces like Jonas Mekas’ Filmmakers Cinematheque or Andy Warhol’s Factory.

Nahmetiq opens its doors for the first time this Saturday, June 1st, at 5 pm, with the screening of two films by Portuguese experimental cinema director Vasco Diogo, “Paint on Paint # 1-8” and “Anima #1”. This inaugural session can receive up to 25 people, will feature a presentation by founders Adélia Vasques, Fernando Gaspar and Henrique Vilão, will be attended by director Vasco Diogo and is the first of the first Portuguese microcinema.

Entry to Nahmetiq is free and reservations can be made via private message on Instagram (@nahmetiq) or email to

The program will from now on be announced through cinema networks (@nahmetiq).

nametiq paint
Frame “Paint on Paint #1-8”

Synopsis “Paint on Paint #1-8”:
A compilation of 8 experimental digital animation films made between July 2020 and October 2021 in an intense, regular (many hours of drawing per day over many months that resulted in thousands of individual drawings) and sometimes obsessive drawing regime. The context of the pandemic marks the entirety of the film through the ideas of contamination and insight. Each film explored a certain way of drawing related to the type of brush, paint or colour, emulating analogue painting and drawing techniques. It was proposed to several young musicians and sound designers to produce a soundtrack for each of the first seven films, with Vasco Diogo himself composing the music in the last film in the series, which brings together and mixes images from the previous seven films. The combination of images, essentially abstract and two-dimensional, with sound, produces synesthesia relationships where perception is equivalent to concepts of collision and immersion, in an audiovisual experience of confrontation with the spectator’s resistance, which is intended to be capable of activating subjective interpretations and sensations. and interiors.

nametiq anima
Frame “Anima #1”

Synopsis “Anima #1”:
This experimental and abstract animation follows the structure of a hip-hop song and mixes several digital drawing and hand-painting techniques. Stylistically it proposes an alternation between continuity and collision of frames.

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