‘O Primo Basílio’ for the first time in New York

After the first performances, with sold-out rooms, the ballet ‘O Primo Basílio’ will perform on March 10, New York, Alvin Ailey Theater – 7:00 pm.

‘O Primo Basílio’, one of the most notable literary works by Eça de Queirós is a ballet in II acts, thanks to the initiative of choreographer Fernando Duarte and dancer and teacher Solange Melo. The fascinating characters created by the writer, combined with his unique and unmistakable style, were the starting point for a dance show that is intended to be intense, dramatic and transversely captivating.

Incorporating a language that combines neo-classical aesthetics with contemporary dance, ‘O Primo Basílio’ thus alludes to the reinvention of the narrative ballet formula, combining choreographic creation with a minimalist scenic design.

In this way, the novel transcends the literary frontier, raising interest in discovering the work of Eça de Queiroz and also valuing the Portuguese musical heritage, through a musical support based on the works of Luis de Freitas Branco and Fernando Lopes Graça.

Based on the relationship between literary narrative and dance, the ballet project for ‘O Primo Basílio’ was also idealized with a view to the development of a residence in a school context, where the novel emerged as a catalyst for the artistic approach to dance as a practice and artistic expression thus filling a visibly existing gap between written text and dance.

Through artistic residency in a school context, it aims to promote the meeting between students and teachers, through a practical action program in which dancers and choreographers develop, together with teachers of regular education, a work of spontaneous exploration of the choreographed movement. .

In this way, the intention is to expand the role of artistic training as a fundamental element for an education that encompasses the development of the student in its fullness.

This tour to New York happens thanks to the partnership with the Arte Institute (based in NY) and with the support of DGArtes.

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