“O que fomos e o que somos” the return to the originals by Lena d’Água

Lena d’Água is returning to launches. “O que fomos e o que somos” is the first advance of the new album, scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2024, and written by Pedro da Silva Martins.

“When I sing this song I close my eyes and see my life passing by, as if I were moving forward in a tunnel where, from time to time, I rise to the surface light to breathe. This light where I find those I love and who love me.”, says Lena d’Água.

Lena d’Agua -Festival Montepio As vezes o Amor > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.02.14

The new album follows Desalmadamente, released in 2019, highly acclaimed by the public and critics, and considered by the main media as one of the “Best Albums of the Year”.

Owner of an unparalleled voice, Lena d’Água, the diva of Portuguese Pop, has a vast journey in the history of national music, being the protagonist of several songs that mark the soundtrack of our lives.

In 2020 she won two Play Awards – for “Best Female Artist” and “Critics Award” – and, in the same year, she was awarded the José Afonso Prize.

lena d'Água o que fomos e o que somos
Lenad’Água < O que fomos e o que somos

“O que fomos e o que somos” has a music video illustrated and animated by Cristina Viana. To create the video, the illustrator says that “after immersing yourself in the story and the feeling, the music, the sound and the lyrics, the digital animation is made frame-by-frame or through direct drawing. I built a journey of figures, colours and movements, which is neither the same nor different from the one we embark on with the music. Both are on the same plane and direction, crossing each other as many times as it seems harmonious to us.”

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