The reunion of Palma’s Gang to celebrate 50 years of Jorge Palma’s career

ANTOLOGIA VI - Capitólio

A few days away from taking the Capitólio stage for two concerts by Palma’s Gang, Saturday and Sunday, Jorge Palma, Flak, Alex and Kalú share images from the rehearsals.

A group of “friends for life” – created by the idea of Zé Pedro, who named the group and was contagious with his good energy – that gathers again to celebrate the songs of Jorge Palma who, since September, has been celebrating the 50 years of career with an anthological review of his career.

Formed in the early 90s, as a natural consequence of the jam sessions they had at Johnny Guitar, with Zé Pedro on guitar, Palma’s Gang released a live album that records Jorge Palma’s songs in electric versions.

With sold out on Saturday, there are few tickets left for the Sunday concert.

The idea has been around for a long time, I think since the day the Xutos forgot about me in a restaurant in Gaia, in the vertigo of a T.V. which I arrived by bus, fortunately in time to insult them. Then, in 1985, my brand new band debuted alongside the Macaus, towards Laranjeiro. Common friends, new friends, August tides, backstage conversations, nights that never end, etc. Then Alex suggested a night at Johnny’s and I immediately said yes, even before thinking about the most suitable formation – of course I saw a huge band of musicians having a party with me. For practical reasons, I chose a quartet that would offer, from the outset, all the support needed for my songs – in addition to an unstable balance that is increasingly vital to me – Kalú and Alexandre, Zé Pedro and Flak.
wrote Jorge Palma in the recording proposal made in 1993 and addressed to Polygram

Remember that ANTOLOGIA began at the Baldaya Palace, followed by four nights at the Tivoli BBVA Theater. The 50th-anniversary review comes to an end this weekend, with the much-desired reunion of Palma’s Gang, five decades after the release of “The Nine Billion Names of God”, Jorge Palma’s first record in his own name.

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