O Rei Zarolho – Solidarity rehearsal on the 29th of March

The solidarity rehearsal of the show O REI ZAROLHO will take place on the 29th of March, at 9 pm, at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon.

The ticket has a reduced value of €12 and the proceeds revert in full to the Raquel and Martin Sain Foundation, which is dedicated to the development of professional training actions aimed at blind people and also to the promotion of a Residential Home to respond to visual impairment. Tickets are already on sale at Ticketline and at the usual places.

REI ZAROLHO is the next big premiere by Força de Produção and will be on stage at Maria Matos from the 30th of March. The black comedy written and staged by Marc Crehuet features Benedita Pereira, Diogo Morgado, Dinarte Branco, Jorge Mourato, and Susana Blazer in the cast.

A couples dinner, organized by two friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time in order to get to know their respective partners. Lídia lives in the suburbs where she grew up, is unemployed, and is dating David, a police officer from the intervention body. Sandra is an intellectual who left the neighborhood many years ago and is in love with André, a documentary filmmaker facing a troubled period after losing an eye during a police attack on a demonstration. Despite navigating in opposite spheres of the social structure, over the course of dinner, it is revealed that David and André have a recent past in common. Off the battlefield, David is forced to confront his belief system. Will he stick to his convictions or will he be willing to rethink his values?

A comedy that expresses perplexity in the face of a complex and often incoherent social reality. In the midst of life’s uncertainty, the characters try to find answers and make sense of things, blindfolded in a chaotic world where logic slips through their fingers.

Text and Staging Marc Crehuet
Translation Ana Rita Sousa
Scenography Joana Sousa
Andy Dyo costumes
Luís Duarte light design
Assistant director Sónia Aragão

With Benedita Pereira, Dinarte Branco, Diogo Morgado, Jorge Mourato and Susana Blazer.

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