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“O Rei Zarolho” a black comedy to make us think

Teatro Maria Matos

And if we gather at the same table people with completely different ideas?, will dinner come to an end?, will we be able to respect the opinions of others, this black comedy staged by Marc Crehuet, makes us think, but also laugh, don’t miss it at Maria Matos.

“O Rei Zarolho” (“The One-eyed King”) with a luxury cast is on stage at Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, Benedita Pereira, Dinarte Branco, Diogo Morgado, Jorge Mourato and Susana Blazer, makes us laugh but also think about this black comedy with fantastic interpretations.

©Joana Linda

A couples dinner, organized by two friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time in order to get to know their respective partners. Lídia lives in the suburbs where she grew up, is unemployed, and is dating David, a police officer from the intervention body. Sandra is an intellectual who left the neighborhood many years ago and is in love with André, a documentary filmmaker facing a troubled period after losing an eye during a police attack on a demonstration. Despite navigating in opposite spheres of the social structure, over the course of dinner, it is revealed that David and André have a recent past in common.

©Joana Linda

After revealing the meeting between both, will they be able to change their attitude and modify their behaviors, is it possible some kind of reconciliation between both, and partners, confronted with what happened, will they be able to forget, understand, overcome what happened? Stop by and find out the answer, it will be worth it.

©Joana Linda

In an increasingly incomprehensible world, with so many nuances that escape us every day, this piece touches on several points that make us think, written by Marc Crehuet ten years ago, it was performed in Latin America and Eastern Europe, and now, in Portugal at the invitation of Força de Produção, who first asked him for the rights to the text and then invited him to direct the show.

Marc Crehuet, director and playwright, was born on April 7, 1978, in Santander, and his curriculum includes the series “Pop ràpid” (2011), “O Vizinho” (2019), among others, and “Espelho, Espelho”, his last work, a comedy that premiered on Netflix in 2022.

Text and Staging Marc Crehuet
Translation Ana Rita Sousa
Scenography Joana Sousa
Costumes Andy Dyo
Light design Luís Duarte
Assistant director Sónia Aragão
Music Austerity Cristóvão Campos

With Benedita Pereira (Sandra), Diogo Morgado (André), Dinarte Branco (Político), Jorge Mourato (David) and Susana Blazer (Lídia)

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