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The rebirth of the harvest at the Monastery of Santa Maria do Mar

Annual production of up to 25 thousand bottles of the generous Carcavelos wine is expected.

For the first time since the acquisition of the Monastery of Santa Maria do Mar by the Cascais municipality in September 2017, the harvest took place. The harvest, with a view to the production of the generous Carcavelos Wine, is also an opportunity to present the project for the rehabilitation of the main building of the Monastery, with a view to public use.

The vineyard of the Monastery of Santa Maria do Mar, with about 2.7 hectares, was replanted in 2019 and in 2020 it was grafted. This new installed vineyard aims to improve the oenological potential of the Carcavelos Wine, using varieties that have fallen into disuse, such as: Boal Ratinho, also known as Ratinho, and Galego Dourado, a traditional white variety currently almost extinct and that matters to its protection, as well as Arinto. After this first vintage, it is expected to have an annual production of 20 to 25 thousand bottles of this historic wine.

With regard to the Monastery and its conservation, the original building is being restored and expanded, which will become a student residence with 40 rooms and include a new space for a cellar and another for wine tasting. in a construction area of ​​2,170 meters².

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