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The Requiem “The only censorship that should exist is to censor censorship” a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of April 25th

June 7th at Cineteatro S. Pedro in Alcanena and June 15th at TAGV in Coimbra

The company Dança em Diálogos, with its new creation, celebrates, in this way, the fiftieth anniversary of the 25th of April, through a reflection through dance and summoning, among others, the musical work of Fernando Lopes-Graça dedicated to the victims of fascism and censorship, in a tribute that summons the memory and symbolism of an event and a transformation that is intended to be irreplaceable.

Founded in January 2018, under the Artistic Direction of Solange Melo and Fernando Duarte, the Dança em Diálogos company’s primary objective is to contribute to the plurality of presentation of dance shows throughout the national territory, in a decentralizing and comprehensive dynamic of audiences and of operating contexts.

It was precisely based on this guiding principle, as a true demonstration of cultural democratization as a conquest of April and the construction of common territories, that Dança em Diálogos, under the artistic direction of Solange Melo and Fernando Duarte, created a program specially designed for the fiftieth-anniversary celebrations. on April 25th. This program, which is based on the relationship between Dance, Music and literature, is based on the challenge given to three writers, Cláudia Lucas Chéu, Ondjaki, and Elmano Sancho, to create three new literary works that presented different perspectives on the 25th of April and the past fifty years.

For Dance in Dialogues, celebrating half a century of a singular revolution that definitively implemented the full democratic regime is taking part in the courage and determination of all those who fought for freedom and democracy. Defending Freedom also means telling stories that cross the borders between reality and fiction and where Dance and video are positioned as vehicles of total free expression.

The program, in co-production with several theatres and municipalities from different parts of the country, has as its main creation the ballet Requiem “The Only Censorship that should exist is to Censor Censorship”, with a presentation in:



The program will subsequently go on a national tour throughout the country, until November. It also includes an original creation for children called 50 x 25 Coefficient for Freedom, which will be present in several schools and theatres across the country, and several artistic residencies in a school context, called Desassossego de Abril, in a process of choreographic co-creation with different groups of students.

Show dates
Requiem “The only censorship that should exist is to censor censorship”:


  • June 7, 9:30 pm – Cineteatro S. Pedro – Alcanena
  • June 15th, 9:30 pm – TAGV – Coimbra


  • July 21st Cistermúsica Festival – Alcobaça


  • September 21st 9:30 pm Bragança Municipal Theater – Bragança


  • October 5th 9:30 pm Casa das Artes de Famalicão – V.N. Famalicão


  • November 23rd 9:30 pm Teatro Virgínia – Torres Novas

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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