Rock in the nights of “Música no Parque”

The Música no Parque Festival, in Cascais, ended with a bang, Portuguese Rock was king, and exhausted the entire Cascais Hippodrome, the public didn’t need an invitation to, to the sound of Churky and Xutos e Pontapés, get up and, without leaving the place, dancing and singing.

Churky – Musica no Parque – Cascais 2021.08.28 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

A iniciar a noite Churky trouxe-nos temas dos seus álbuns “É” e “Mossas” e em rock alegre, a apelar à participação de todos quantos se deslocaram ao Hipódromo, cantaram “Mapa”, “Nada, nem Ninguém“, “Varanda”, “Pente Fino”, “Fim”, “Mossas” e “Última Gaveta”, entre outros.

To start the night, Churky brought us songs from his albums “É” and “Mossas” and in happy rock, appealing to the participation of all who traveled to the Hippodrome, sang Mapa”, “Nada, nem Ninguém“, “Varanda”, “Pente Fino”, “Fim”, “Mossas” eand “Última Gaveta, among others.

Xutos e Pontapés
Xutos e Pontapés – Musica no Parque – Cascais 2021.08.28 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

The mythical Portuguese rock band had the responsibility to close the “Festival Música no Parque“.

Making a tour of their career, from the albums Xutos e Pontapés and Ao Vivo, passing through Duro, Puro, Circo de Feras, Tim, João Cabeleira, Gui and Kalú, they did not disappoint and opening the “hostilities” we had the recording of “Imprevistos ”, theme recorded with Capícua and Jorge Palma.

And we continued with À Minha Maneira”, “Duro“, “Allepo”, “Fim do Mundo”, “Às Vezes”, “Enquanto a Noite Cai”, “N’América“, “O Falcão”, “Da Nação“, “Salve-se quem Puder“, “Milagre de Fátima” and “Remar, Remar.

And here everyone was already standing, without leaving their place, singing and dancing, pushing away “remnants” of pandemics and prohibitions. They sang Fim do Mundo” and  “Mar de Outono, dedicated by Tim to everyone who worked and work to save lives.

And as we’re used to it, Xutos don’t forget Zé Pedro, the band’s mythical guitarist, now deceased, in his honour, everyone, Xutos and the public sang “No Sou o Único“.

Xutos e Pontapés – Musica no Parque – Cascais 2021.08.28 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Homem do Leme”, “Contentores” and “Fim de Semana could not be missing.

And the atmosphere that was installed in the air, the joy that was experienced, is what one asks and expects from a rock band like Xutos e Pontapés, who gave an excellent concert ending with a golden key the Festival promoted by the Câmara de Cascais, Música no Parque.


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