“O Santo António na Aldeia” new single by Katia Guerreiro

The first single from Katia Guerreiro’s new album is called “O Santo António na Aldeia” and will debut on September 14 on the artist’s social networks.

It is part of his new work entitled “Mistura”, which is already scheduled for a month later, October 14th.

With lyrics by Feliciano da Silva and music by Pedro de Castro, who is also responsible for the production and musical direction here.

The Video is directed by Aurélio Vasques and was filmed in the village of Castelo Novo.
(…) What matters is dancing, freeing the body, letting ourselves be carried away by the beat, by the joy, by the touch, by the madness that gives us back age.
It doesn’t matter that they see, that they laugh, that they notice that we have stepped on one foot. In dance we are free, we are young again, the feet look like wings and all the colors come to life. (…)

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