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The second day of Santa Casa Alfama featured Jorge Fernando, José Quaresma, Artur Batalha, Teresinha Landeiro, Gonçalo Salgueiro, Yola Dinis, among others

The 9th edition of the Santa Casa Alfama Festival received more than 50 artists, installed in more than 10 spaces in the Alfama neighborhood

The Santa Casa Alfama takes place in the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon, full of magnificent architecture and overflowing with culture. The festival featured ten stages throughout the Alfama’s streets, including churches such as S. Miguel and Santo Estêvão, and recreational societies such as Boa União, Grupo Sportivo Adicence and Magalhães de Lima, and is located at the Museu do Fado, and it reaches the riverfront with the main stage, Santa Casa Alfama, and the windows of Largo S. Miguel.

After an edition dedicated to Amália Rodrigues, in the diva’s centenary year, the 9th edition of Santa Casa Alfama, from September 24th to 25th, paid homage to another great name in Fado and Portuguese music: Carlos do Carmo. The year 2021 began with the sad news of the disappearance of someone whose voice is confused with the last fifty years of the country’s history.

The cruise terminal thus hosted a video mapping projection about Carlos do Carmo, and an exhibition about the fado singer, creator of hits such as “Canoas do Tejo”, “Os Putos”, “Trem Desmantelado”, “Lisboa, Menina e Moça” and “Fado Anarda”, among others. It should be noted that all the artists who participated in the festival included at least 1 theme by Carlos do Carmo in their repertoires.

On the second day, the main stage received Miguel Moura, Fábia Rebordão and a Concert dedicated to Carlos do Carmo with Camané, Gil do Carmo, Maria da Fé, Marco Rodrigues, Paulo de Carvalho, Ricardo Ribeiro and Sara Correia, KNOW MORE HERE.

The Lisbon Cruise Terminal Rooftop hosted the Ermelinda Freitas Stage that hosted the show “Casa de Linhares” live with Jorge Fernando, José Quaresma and Vânia Duarte.

The Amália Stage, installed in the Abreu Advogados Auditorium, received Inês de Vasconcellos and Tiago Correia, the Museu do Fado restaurant terrace received the winner of the Grand Prix of Fado Júnior, Tomás Marques, among others, and the Santa Maria Maior Stage, in Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, received the duos: Sónia Santos and Bruno Igrejas and Ana Marta and Luís Capão.

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Já no Palco Bogani, no Grupo Sportivo Adicense, atuaram Lino Ramos e Ivone Dias, a Igreja de São Miguel recebeu Gonçalo Salgueiro e Yola Dinis, e a Sociedade Boa União recebeu o concerto da Escola de Fado CLAF com as vozes de Tiago Conceição, Maria Passarinho e Bruna Duarte.

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O Centro Cultural Dr. Magalhães Lima recebeu ainda os concertos de Artur Batalha e Teresinha Landeiro, a Igreja de Santo Estevão recebeu o espetáculo “A Igreja e o Fado” com Mia Moura, Carla Cortez e António Laranjeira, e houveram ainda momentos musicais “à janela” no Largo de São Miguel com Jorge Silva, José Manuel Rodrigues e Gilberto Silva.

Casa da Amália – Santa Casa Alfama – ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews
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