The Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 is now available in Portugal and there is no dirt that can resist it

The price-quality ratio that Xiaomi has become accustomed to is now expressed in the new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 multifunction manual vacuum cleaner.

This product has just arrived exclusively at Xiaomi’s official stores in Portugal and, before they are all cleaned off the shelves, we are going to explain why they are the best manual vacuum cleaner solution to have at home.

An even more efficient vacuum system
With an improved suction system compared to previous models, the suction power of this equipment improves cleaning efficiency and is one of the factors that most differentiate it.

It has an infrared particle sensor that increases the suction power in areas with more dust or dirt and the brush roller is equipped with 3 sections of blades that prevent the accumulation of residues, such as hair, without damaging the surfaces.

With long battery life, it can go up to 60 minutes, you can easily vacuum all over the house and on large surfaces without the limitation of wires in the way. Its interactive screen allows you to see the battery status and any error messages that may appear, but also adapt the cleaning mode: Automatic, Turbo, or Eco.

Inside its box you will find the vacuum cleaner (with an easy-to-clean tank), the charger, the cable, and 5 cleaning heads, so you can adapt your Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 to the size of the area you are going to clean.

From floor to fabric – vacuuming on all surfaces
With different cleaning heads, this vacuum cleaner can be used on different types of floors – tile, wood, or carpet – and on fabrics such as sofas, cushions, or curtains.

Very simple and intuitive to use, you can remove the floor cleaning cord and have a portable handheld vacuum that you can use to vacuum other higher surfaces.

Simple, efficient, and personalized aspiration to the use of each one is the great claim of this equipment, now available to be an ally in cleaning at home for all Portuguese people.

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