Obama photographer leads in September “tourist expedition” to Portugal

The official photographer of the Reagan and Obama administrations, the Portuguese descendent Pete Souza, will bring to Portugal, in September, 28 professional and amateur photographers, in what will be his first trip to the continental part of the country.

The trip is promoted by Sagres Vacations, based in the United States (Massachusetts and Fall River) and with offices in Oporto, specializing in personalized tourist experiences in the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

For Pete Souza, a descendant of Azoreans, this will be the first “true” trip to Portugal, where he was only on official visits to accompany US presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, for whom he worked as an official photographer.

I’ve never really spent much time in mainland Portugal and I thought this would be an incredible opportunity to make this trip,” told Pete Souza.

Marked for September 2 to 12, the trip begins in Porto and ends in the Azores, touring the main tourist cities of Portugal.

With just 28 seats, the program, which is aimed at professional and amateur photographers or photography lovers, has almost immediately sold out, as Marco Fernandes, vice president of Sagres Vacations, told the agency.

We barely made the trip, we had a lot of interest, Pete also put on his Instagram, and the last available places were immediately exhausted.” Last week in December, we had 180 people asking about the show, “he said.

During the trip, Pete Souza will accompany the visitors and give “tips” on how best to photograph the places visited, doing a series of “mini-workshops” throughout the entire script.

Pete Souza has followers around the world – we have received contacts from Australia for this program – and as it is a program of photography, we will have people who know how to take photographs and give a better image of Portugal, ” said Marco Fernandes.

It’s a tourist trip for people who like to take photos. I imagine that the level of the abilities of the people who will join us will be very varied, so I hope to be able to help improve your travel photographs,” he said. , Pete Souza.

For the freelance photographer and author of several books, the great attraction is to be able to know the mainland of Portugal, as well as to return, with time, to the Azores, which he visited in the 1980s.

I have not been to Portugal at all, I’ve been to Portugal twice, once with President Reagan and once with President Obama, but during presidential visits, we do not really have a chance to see much of anything outside formal meetings,” he said.

I was in the Azores on a long trip, but it was already in 1988. It will be interesting to see how much it has changed. My grandparents are from the Azores, so for me, this will be the most emotional part of the trip.

The photographer believes that Portugal “is becoming more and more a tourist destination for many Americans” and hopes to “have fun, take some photos and help some people improve their images.

Born in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, grandson of Azorean emigrants, Pete Souza worked as a freelance photojournalist and has published works by leading US publications as well as several photojournalism awards.

Pete de Souza is also the author of several books, the most recent of which – Shade: A tale of two presidents – compares Obama’s first 500 days with current US President Donald Trump.

The book is the passage to the role of the same exercise that Pete Souza has been doing on his page in the social network Instagram, where he has more than 2.1 million followers.

Pete Souza’s Instagram has been a sort of “critical shadow” of the Trump administration, with the publication of photographs of Obama in situations similar to those portrayed by the current White House tenant, in a humorous register and in which the former president “leaves always better in photography “.

With several exhibits in the curriculum, Pete Souza is scheduled to open a show on February 2, with two presidents with whom he has worked entitled ‘Two Presidents: Obama and Reagan’.

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