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Óbidos launches new gastronomic project

Espaço Ó – Association for Community Development of the Municipality of Óbidos launched, on the 15th of July, a gastronomic project under the ATIVA-TE program. “Real Casa do Pastel” was the winning project in the space ideas competition, in October 2020, and is in charge of entrepreneurs Tiago Cardoso and Miguel Santos, friends and partners, who intend to bring more flavor to the town of Óbidos with the best pastries served at the window.

The presentation took place at dusk at Espaço Ó – Óbidos, in an intimate ceremony showing the various recipes for sweet and savory pastries, from the oldest to the most daring creations. The most popular is the Pastel de Nata, being one of the most popular and traditional sweets in Portuguese cuisine that is a delight for everyone.

According to Ricardo Duque, president of Espaço Ó,this is another project incubated under the successful ATIVA-TE program that is now in Espaço Ó – Óbidos in a market test phase. In addition to being a product that helps to increase the offer to those who visit us, it is another project that creates two jobs. At a time when many businesses do not survive the impacts of COVID-19, it is healthy that there are young people willing to invest and generate jobs”, he said.

You can find the Real Casa do Pastel at the entrance to Espaço Ó, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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