Óbidos Literary Festival kicks off on October 10

Cristina Branco, Diabo na Cruz and O Gajo among the festival proposals.

The eleven days of the Óbidos Literary Festival kick off on October 10th with Cristina Branco, Diabo na Cruz, O Gajo, ‘Impressionist Folk’ and traditional European dances.

Promoted by Fundação Inatel, partner of the municipality since 2016, the program starts on the 10th with the fate of Cristina Branco and closes with João Morais, O Gajo, in a world music show.

In between, the Inatel stage invites the audience to watch Omiri, a project by Vasco Ribeiro Casais that, using projections and recordings, recalls old musical practices.

The ‘Impressionist Folk’ and the sounds of the Diatonic Bellows of the Hidden Dances quartet.

There will also be a trip through the European Traditional Dances and the memory of the Medieval Markets, to the sound of Duo Recanto, with Hugo Osga and Silvia Isabel.

Folio will also be one of the last opportunities to see on stage “Diabo na Cruz” the band formed by Bernardo Barata, Joao Pinheiro, Joao Gil, Manuel Pinheiro, Sergio Pires and Jorge Cruz, who already announced the dissolution of the group at the end of the tour.

The concert is scheduled for the 18th.

Diabo na Cruz

On the 19th Folia honors José Afonso, with a show created by Tradisom, during the 90 years of the birth of the singer. David Zacarias, Maria Anadon, Joao Afonso, Filipa Pais and Zeca Medeiros will perform the songs that, marking the career of the creator of ‘Grândola, Vila Morena‘, also marked the history of his time.

Folia says goodbye on October 20 with O Gajo. A project by João Morais, which will bring to the Inatel plate the viola campaniça, a traditional root instrument, performed by him with more tones.

The programming offered by the Inatel Foundation is free admission.

Stage of book launches, debates, round tables, interviews, autograph sessions and conversations between writers and readers, the Folio takes place in the village of Óbidos, between October 10 and 20.

Last year’s edition provided 831 hours of programming involving 554 direct participants, including authors, thinkers, artists and creatives, featuring 26 debate tables, 25 concerts and 13 exhibitions over 11 days with over 185 activities.

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