Works by artist Robert Bradford for the first time in northern Portugal

From September 14th to October 15th, at Braga Parque

  • “Toy Stories”, the colorful and original exhibition by English artist Robert Bradford, debuts in the north of Portugal, at Braga Parque
  • Using toys, ice cream sticks, and even poker chips – or other unusual materials – Robert Bradford creates original sculptures that leave no one indifferent
  • The artist created a piece exclusively for Portugal measuring around 2 meters, inspired by the well-known national symbol “Galo de Barcelos”

Between September 14th and October 15th, the central staircase of Braga Parque will be the setting for a unique journey through the world of toys through the exhibition “Toy Stories” by Robert Bradford. For the first time in the north of Portugal, these irreverent and colorful sculptures, with a strong environmental component, promise to surprise children and adults alike.

14 works of art will be presented, 11 of which are sculptures created from discarded and recycled plastic objects, namely toys. From animals to angels and soldiers, they all have their own unique flavor, transmitting positive energy, as well as a strong environmental message.

The most recent and special sculpture measures around 2 meters and was inspired by the well-known national symbol “Galo de Barcelos”. According to the creator, this unprecedented piece, built exclusively for Portugal, “is a creative and original representation of Portuguese culture, incorporating traditional elements in a current and sustainable approach, while demonstrating my vision on the importance of cultural preservation and use creative use of recycled materials in contemporary art.”

The English artist developed his own construction method, where he used a variety of plastic toys, such as dolls, cars, and puzzle pieces, among others, to create unique sculptures. Surprisingly, some of his works contain 3,000 toy pieces and are worth around €20,000, with the “Galo de Barcelos” containing between 1,500 and 2,000 wooden and plastic pieces.

Visitors to the mall will also be impacted by three paintings by the artist that are part of the “Trash Art” series, which integrates two-dimensionality through recycled materials, cut-out drawings, or retro postcards.

Through this initiative, curated by State of the Art (SOTA), Braga Parque aims to be, more than a commercial space, a space where culture takes place. With an important environmental message, this artistic exhibition honors, once again, the mall’s commitment to sustainability and the community, continuing to invest in actions that inspire all generations to build a better future.

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