Oceanos Award announces registration of 1,872 books in 2020

The number of publishers registered this year totaled 450, the highest in recent years. This year, the author’s own editions total 162 books, representing 8.6% of the total enrollments.

In a statement, Oceanos organizers announced the selection of works produced by writers from 11 countries: Angola (11), Argentina (2), Austria (1), Benin (1), Brazil (1,574), Cape Verde (7), Spain (4), Mozambique (10), Peru (1), Portugal (156) and Uruguay (2), in addition to two Portuguese-Angolans and two Portuguese-Brazilians. All of them originally wrote and published in Portuguese, the main criterion for the award.

Among the categories evaluated by Oceanos are poetry (849 books), novels (588), storybooks (289), chronicle books (109) and 37 dramaturgical works.

All books compete with each other, since the Oceanos Award will elect the three best works published in 2019 without distinction of literary genre.

As in previous years, the tender evaluation process will be carried out in three stages.

First, a jury composed of 88 literature teachers, literary critics, writers, poets and journalists from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Portugal will read and evaluate the works entered to choose the 50 semifinalists, which will be released in August.

In the second stage, an intermediate jury will be responsible for choosing the 10 finalists.

In the last stage, the jury will be in charge of the decision regarding the three winners.

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