Oceanos Award opens registration for 2021

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For the 2021 edition, novels, poetry books, short stories, chronicles and dramaturgy published between January 1st and December 31st of last year may be entered.

Works published anywhere in the world can compete, as long as they were originally written in Portuguese. Entries can be made by the publisher and/or by the author of the books, by completing the registration form and including the work on the Itaú Cultural website.

As of this year, in addition to the sponsorship of Banco Itaú and the Directorate-General for Books, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB), in Portugal, and the institutional support of CPLP, Oceanos will also count on the partnership of the Cultural Institute OK.

These institutions will, from this year, be working to benefit the main objective of Oceanos, which is to increase knowledge about the literatures of CPLP member countries through the mapping of literary production in Portuguese.

In this sense, along with the entries, the prize will start a process of collecting information for the constitution of an unprecedented literary database, which will allow the identification of trends and gaps.

Regarding the prize, its evaluation process will be carried out in three stages, the first of which the evaluation jury chooses the 50 semi-finalist works among the competitors and chooses, by vote, the members of the subsequent juries (intermediate and final stage).

In the second stage, the intermediate jury will select 10 finalists from the 50 semi-finalists elected by the previous jury. Finally, in the third stage, the final jury will define the three winners among the 10 finalists.

All the books entered compete with each other, regardless of literary genre, for the three prizes, with a total value of 250 thousand reais (37,300 euros), with 120 thousand reais (17,900 euros) going to the first place, 80 thousand reais (11,900 euros) for the second and 50 thousand reais (7,470 euros) for the third.

The curatorship for this edition is formed by linguist Adelaide Monteiro, from Cape Verde, writer, and journalist Isabel Lucas, from Portugal, and journalist Manuel da Costa Pinto, from Brazil, coordinated by cultural manager Selma Caetano.

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