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Odisseias launches a list of free activities to do at home

To be distracted in this quarantine Odisseias launched a series of free activities for the whole family

Are you quarantined at home and don’t know what to do? In this time when you have to be at home, Odisseias has gathered the best experiences you can do from your home.

Neste período de quarentena e em que temos de estar mais tempo em casa, reunimos aqui as experiências que pode fazer a…

Publicado por Odisseias em Quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2020

Take the time to cultivate knowledge, be distracted and have fun online with these options, so that this period goes by faster and everything goes back to normal.

The list of suggestions includes podcasts, martial arts classes for parents and children, a creative writing course, concerts, virtual visits to museums and cooking classes by the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation.

So, even in quarantine, you can experience lots of activities having fun with your children, without leaving your home.

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