Odivelas wins race for European City of Sport 2020

Odivelas (district of Lisbon) won the bid for the European City of Sport 2020, said the sports councilor in the executive of Anadia (Aveiro), which also competed for the distinction, such as Penafiel (Porto).

The outcome of the race for the European City of Sport 2020 was this morning communicated to the municipal executive by the president of the municipality, the independent Teresa Cardoso, during the weekly meeting.

The mayor thanked the efforts of all those involved in the application, promising that Anadia “will continue to be a city of Sport”, taking advantage of the existence of modern equipment erected in recent years in the area of the county.

Councilman Jorge Sampaio has promised to release a statement on the outcome of the candidature. Anadia competed against Penafiel and Odivelas for a distinction that is managed in Portugal by the Portuguese Association of European Cities of Sport.

“Anadia’s candidacy for the European City of Sport aims to create a great sports project, the most comprehensive, transversal and inclusive that involves the entire population. It aims to raise the history of Anadia as a land of great clubs and sportsmen, which have put the name of the Municipality in the most prestigious podiums of national and international level “, announced the Camera of Anadia at the moment of the presentation of the candidacy.

The application saw its interest recognized on a regional scale, by the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Aveiro and the Tourism of the Center, and was the only application submitted by a municipality in the Central Region.

In recent years it has made a large investment in sports infrastructure in the county, both public and private, which will be around 50 million euros, according to calculations of councilman Jorge Sampaio.

“We are sad because we were enthusiastic about our candidacy and because the event would coincide with the 250 years of Penafiel’s elevation to the city category,” said Penafiel Mayor Antonino Sousa.

Despite this, said the mayor, “it was worthwhile” all the work carried out within the scope of the application, which mobilized the entire community of the county, especially the numerous sports associations.

“There has been a great galvanizing movement and this is and will continue because we will keep our bet on sports and awareness so that more people, of all ages, practice sport in Penafiel,” he concluded.

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