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Oeiras Parque has new restaurants to try

Energy Brunch, Madeira by Alkimia, Vira Frangos and A-100

Oeiras Parque continues to want to offer more and better to those who visit it and, therefore, the restaurant offer is even more diverse and tasty with the arrival of four new products: Energy Brunch, Madeira by Alkimia, Vira Frangos and A-100.

For lovers of a balanced and invigorating diet, Energy Brunch brings to Shopping da Linha several options with fresh products, both savoury and sweet toasts, as well as drinks. This space promises to energize visitors’ days with a variety of nutritious dishes, full of flavour.

The Madeira by Alkimia restaurant is an authentic representative of Madeiran cuisine. With a carefully crafted menu, the restaurant provides a unique sensory journey, highlighting the authentic flavours and gastronomic traditions of the island.

Vira Frangos arrives at the mall with a unique proposal for serving traditional chicken: marinated, boned and grilled in a process that removes fat adds succulence and leaves it crispy. With a modern and healthy concept, this restaurant is the perfect choice for those who like comfort food with a twist.

For those who can’t resist a good burger, A-100 brings its recipe for juicy burgers to Oeiras Parque. With a varied menu with 100% chuck meat, vegetarian options and exclusive fish burgers – one with fried cuttlefish and the other with breaded prawns – A-100 bets, above all, on the quality of its ingredients, also standing out for its concept of “smashing burgers”, hamburgers pressed on the grill.

For lunch with friends, a work break or the necessary energy recharge after a day of shopping, these new features are available on the third floor, from 10 am to 11 pm. It is also possible to enjoy meals on the terrace, overlooking the sea.

For 25 years, Oeiras Parque has aimed to respond to all the needs of the Linha families – fashion, food, decoration, culture and leisure. Therefore, with these new features, Shopping da Linha reinforces the diversity of its restaurant offerings, providing a greater range of options to its customers, and meeting the most varied gastronomic preferences.

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