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Oeiras Valley wants to be the European Capital of Innovation

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The Oeiras Valley concept, which aims to be an ecosystem of innovation and development, competes for the European Commission’s annual award.

Every year, the European Commission launches the European Capital of Innovation Award, which aims to recognize the technological value of the cities of the Member States and the promotion of innovative initiatives for their communities and the well-being of their citizens. The program, which is now in its seventh edition, has the candidacy of Oeiras, using the “tag” OEIRAS – INOV4ALL.

Named as Oeiras Valley, the municipality led by Isaltino Morais, has the mission of creating a unique ecosystem of innovation and development. The entire municipality of Oeiras is covered by the program, which seeks to attract more and new companies to invest in the territory, while promoting those that are already based in the municipality. And in this way, project Oeiras internationally in innovation, especially in the areas of Culture, Education, Science, Technology and Environment.

the project is not just a sectoral or short-term policy initiative, but that of all the inhabitants of Oeiras, in what is a broader global vision. The structure of the municipal services and the involvement of its community defined the municipality’s desire for globalization.

In this sense, Oeiras says that the time has come for other international cities to get to know the Oeiras Valley project, and if it gets the expected recognition, increase the attractiveness of this concept and of the coastal region itself.

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