Of the Portuguese language courses in Macao, only 7% of the students are from Portuguese speaking countries

In Macao, more than 2,000 university students attend Portuguese language courses or Portuguese courses, of which only 7% are from Portuguese speaking countries, according to data we have received.

Of the 2,051 students, slightly more than 1,900 students from Macao and China, according to the Polytechnic Institute of Macau, the University of Macau and the University of São José.

The Polytechnic Institute of Macaucom has five undergraduate degrees in Portuguese: Public Administration, Sino-Lusophone Trade Relations, International Chinese Language Education, Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation and Portuguese Language.

The number of students in the five courses is about 600, of which about one hundred are from Portuguese speaking countries.

The University of Macau, the largest institute with more students in Macao, has a total of 13 courses in this area in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and 5 in the Faculty of Law.

The 1,117 students are graduated in Portuguese Studies, 11 are from Portuguese-speaking countries, while in Law, 251 out of 22 Portuguese-speaking countries.

The University of São José informs that of the 334 students of the Faculty of Humanities in the Portuguese language courses only 8 are not local students.

The University of São José also reports that it currently does not have Portuguese language courses at the School of Education and that the students are from Macao, but that it will open next year a Postgraduate Course in Education in Portuguese.

These Macanese students are attending the Portuguese Catholic University, based on an agreement between the Government of Macau and the Portuguese Catholic University which aims to train Portuguese teachers in Macao.

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