“Oh Linda!” by Três Bairros

“Oh Linda!” is the new video by Três Bairros, inspired by all the relationships that fail even before they start.

Inserted in the second album entitled “Sempre a Considerar”, the group from Scalabitna offers us yet another innovation in its sound. The electric guitar takes on a prominent role with a riff like old-fashioned rock’n’roll. Here there is no shame in showing things as they are.

Turn up the sound, it’s time to listen to Três Bairros.

The group from Santarém, performed this year with a new singer – Bruno Ribeiro – the owner of a unique timbre, which combines the Portuguese guitar of Ricardo Gama and the various guitars (acoustic, classical and electric) of João Correia in close complicity artistic and performative.

Animation: Catarina Marques and Matilde Martinho. The Recording, Mixing, and Mastering of “Oh Linda!” were made at the Studio “Pé de Vento”, by Fernando Nunes. Produced by: Três Bairros and Fernando Nunes.

Sempre a Considerar

01. Música d’Avó
02. Má Sorte
03. Bater com a Porta
04. Oh Linda!
05. 1+1
06. Sempre a Considerar
07. Dias Bons | Dias Maus
08. Fado Eclipse
09. Amor Antigo
10. O Meu Mundo Junto ao Teu
11. Suite “O Início”
12. Sabes, eu também

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