Old Androids won’t be able to access part of the internet in 2021

The partnership between Mozilla’s Let’s Encrypt and IdenTrust certificate authority expires only in September, but as there are no plans to renew it, Let’s Encrypt announced that it will stop signing the IdenTrust root certificate as early as January 2021.

Let’s Enctrypt wants to switch to using only their ISRG Root X1 certificate. Since about a third of secure online web domains are based on these certificates and much of the old software will not ‘trust’ the Let’s Encrypt certificate, we may face several compatibility challenges.

The alternative for these users is to install Firefox, which is based on their own certificate and which includes the Let’s Encrypt solution, although this option does not guarantee that the apps will work in a stable way, nor any compatibility beyond the browser.

Data from Let’s Encrypt shows that 34% of Android devices in circulation are using versions prior to 7.1, which could translate into millions of users who may no longer have access to much of the secure web soon.

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