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Old Mountain | Porta-Jazz Porto

Old Mountain

George Dumitriu – Viola de Arco
Pedro Branco (guitar)
João Sousa (drums)
Demian Cabaud (double bass)

Old Mountain is a project designed and created by musicians Pedro Branco (guitar) and João Sousa (drums) that results from a sharing of experiences and a converging artistic vision in order to create a current and expressive product of the reality of the musicians involved.
The two musicians already have a long professional and friendly relationship, from their initial formation to the present day when they work together in the most diverse contexts. This project is then the culmination of a long exchange of ideas and willingness to present a representative record of what reality is
individual as well as their interaction as artists and creators. The proposal presented is the result of a long wait, and at the same time
an inevitable consequence of the partnership between the two. In this particular project Branco and Sousa invite different musicians with different backgrounds and ideas for improvisation. Guest musicians are a central and essential part of the group’s creative process, trying to transcend assumptions that limit their freedom or creativity. Old Mountain presents itself as a group in constant change where the concepts spread and transform as a result of the union and collaboration with musicians with a strong and thoughtful artistic vision.
The guest list includes names such as Gonçalo Marques, Demian Cabaud, Carlos Barretto, Nelson Cascais, André Rosinha, Felician Erlenburg, Alessandro Fongaro, Nicolò Ricci, Mauro Cottone, George Dumitriu, among others.
At the end of 2017 they recorded their first album together with trumpeter Gonçalo Marques entitled “Parallels”. Recorded in Amsterdam, the disc contains
compositions by all members of the project as well as free improvisations created in the studio. Your goal as a band is to create your own sound and achieve
freedom of processes within pre-conceived forms.
In December 2018 again in Amsterdam they recorded their second album, this time in a quintet with Italians Nicolò Ricci (tenor sax) and Mauro Cottone (double bass) and special guest George Dumitriu (bow viola). The presentation of this disc is scheduled for a series of concerts that
will take place in the first two quarters of 2019 to which bassist Demian Cabaud and violetist George Dumitriu invite.
The search for new soundscapes and unconventional group dynamics are priorities and the primary objectives in the execution of the project. The final result demonstrates several influences, but the sound achieved is unique, creating new sound images for the listener, as well as new solutions within the avant-garde language and improvised music.

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