Olga Roriz stages ‘The Human Voice’ and ‘The Castle of the Bluebeard’ at CCB

The operas ‘O Castelo do Barba-Azul’ and ‘A Voz Humana’, staged by Olga Roriz, will be presented on March 6, 8 and 10 at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon, accompanied by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra.

According to the programming of the CCB, the two pieces, integrated into the Cycle on Solitude ‘Sete Rosas Later’, will count on the musical direction of Joana Carneiro.

The program reunites ‘The Castle of the Bluebeard’ (1911), opera in an act with libretto of Bela Balazs (1884-1949) and music of Bela Bartók (1881-1945), and ‘A Voz Humana’ (1958), tragedy lyric in an act with libretto by Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) and music by Francis Poulenc (1899-1963).

The scenographic design is by Olga Roriz, Cristina Piedade and João Pedro Fonseca, who also signs the video, and Cristina Piedade is still responsible for the design of light.

Both pieces focus on the human condition and solitude, beginning with the story of the Bluebeard Duke, inspired by a tale by Charles Perrault, who in his castle hid all the women he married and murdered.

The story “contains a profound reflection on the current society and the difficulty of integration of the individual, so often condemned by his own individualism to solitude,” according to the text of the program.

In the second opera, “a voice, perhaps more human because sung, an unnamed woman, ‘Elle’ (‘Ela’), exposes the intimacy and drama of the last telephone contact with her former lover who breaks it.”

‘A Voz Humana’ is a lyrical tragedy in an act with music by Francis Poulenc, from the text of Jean Cocteau, about the fear of breaking, of being alone, of losing those you love.

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